Installation Team

Commercial Furniture Delivery & Assembly

Dedicated Installation Crew

At Business Environments, we have a dedicated installation crew that specializes in commercial furniture. Our trained and skilled installation technicians will deliver and assemble your furniture ensuring its longevity, warranty and the safety of the end user. Our crew is trained to not only assemble Kimball/National furniture but other major manufacturers as well. They are adept in managing new projects as well as reconfigurations of systems furniture, incorporating existing with new.

Need A Larger Crew or More Storage?

We also have supplemental labor resources at our disposal to support larger projects when needed so that we can effectively execute projects of any size. In addition, Business Environments has the capability of resourcing additional warehousing for holding product should construction delays occur.

Pre-Installation Planning

Where needed, pre-installation services are conducted such as a site survey to determine availability of elevators, loading dock conditions, available staging areas and installation of wall and floor protection materials. Our crew will receive your product in our warehouse or at your site. Their trained eye checks for freight damage and addresses solutions in a timely manner. Through careful phase planning, scheduling and pre-preparations they will deliver and install the product in a safe and timely manner. They are trained to work in conjunction with construction contractors and other trades such as IT, electricians and flooring contractors to ensure a harmonious progression.

Installation & Inspection

Our team will unpack, inspect and stage product prior to assembly and then remove the packaging materials to prevent negative impact to users and the environment. The Project manager performs regular site visits to monitor project progress ensuring the highest quality work. Quality tracking is integral to all installations; therefore, we identify all activities throughout the course of the project that have an impact to ensure the highest quality results. No project is complete until the Team Leader has conducted a walk-through to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed to the highest standard. They then report any issues or concerns to the sales staff to ensure that that are addressed.