About Business Environments

Our Story

Business Furniture Specialist, Inc. the parent company to Business Environments and Lea Matthews Furniture & Interiors, was founded in 1987.  Our story began at a location in the Midtown Center on the west side of Evansville, Indiana, BFS specialized in commercial interiors and primarily represented Kimball Office furniture. In 1989 they were acquired by Kirk and Ron Mitchell. The business offices then moved to Weinbach avenue, increasing the square footage from 1100 to 1900 square feet.

In 1991, BFS purchased Wedel interiors, a local commercial and residential design company. A year later the staff was combined and both operations were moved to the downtown location of Wedel Interiors. This move grew the company from 1900 to 25000 square feet and a staff of approximately 25 people. In 1992 we created The Design Center, a place that offers independent designers access to a wide variety of our resources. The Design Center is known as one of the largest of its kind in the Midwest.

Business Environments was Born

In 1994, the contract office division of Business Furniture Specialist, Inc. changed its identity and Business Environments was born. Still representing Kimball Office furniture, we have been a Kimball “Select dealer” since the start of the program in 1999. 1994 was the same year that BFS made the move to our current facility on Morgan Avenue on the East side of Evansville.

A Full-Service Approach to Designing your Commercial Environment

This move inspired the opening of a third division of Business Furniture Specialists, Inc. called Lea Matthews Furniture & Interiors, offering fine quality residential furnishings to retail customers.

This Association offers Business Environments a vast array of unique resources including accessories and art, custom sewing, window treatments, bedding, etc. This has allowed Business Environments to provide a full-service approach to designing your commercial environment in fields such as corporate, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and hospitality.