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Pre-installation Planning

Prepare final installation plans, to include:

  • Coded furniture or partition plans
  • Coded panel or partition plans
  • Coded component plans
  • Workstation elevations
  • Electrical drawings

Establish an on site distribution center, as required, to:

  • Receive new furniture prior to delivery
  • Unpack
  • Inspect
  • Stage
  • Remove trash
  • Pre-assemble

Site survey checklist, consisting of:

  • Availability of elevators
  • Loading dock conditions
  • Access for oversized furniture
  • Staging areas
  • Trash facility accommodations
  • Site-tagging for furniture protection
  • Installation of wall and floor protection

Conduct regular site visits to monitor construction progress.


Coordinate delivery and installation work schedules with other contractors, (i.e., carpet installers, electricians, etc.)